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Logo Design

We will design your perfect logo. We work in stages to ensure you are involved throughout our design process. Your logo is important to us and we listen, research, design and deliver to ensure your corporate brand is perfect for your business.

We love our clients and work very closely with each one to ensure we create the perfect logo and branding for every company.

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Web Development

The opensource nature of PHP and its close integration with other opensource software such as Apache, Mysql and various Linux distributions makes it the perfect language for building custom applications.

Our specialises in developing complex, high-traffic websites “ using PHP. Our team of PHP experts know perfectly well that when a project is delivered, it has merely reached the first stage of its long life.

Ongoing maintenance of a complex application costs a business much more than its initial development. .

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Create Animations

Visibility is a crucial factor in the success of a website. Animation is one of the most effective tools for enhancing the visibility of websites.

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images that create an illusion of movement.

The effect is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be achieved in several ways, the most common being as a motion picture or video program.